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"Prejuvenation" the Latest Cosmetic Buzzword

We've all heard about the concept of cosmetic rejuvenation. We see contant images on social media and read about it in the popular press.

It involves any cosmetic treatment that turns back the clock to reverse the signs of ageing and create a younger looking face. It includes anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers but also laser treatments and expensive cosmetic surgery with associated risks and recovery time.

But what is "prejuvenation", the latest buzzword in the cosmetic industry? Prejuvenation refers to the concept of "getting in early" with some minor cosmetic treatments in a patient's 20's or 30's, to prevent the  onset of ageing, whilst maintaining a natural look. i.e.Preventative rejuvenation

When I first started working in cosmetic medicine, the concept of preventative treatments was controversial and often frowned upon. Many people would make comments such as "Why treat an already beautiful young face?"

However due to social media exposure and images of celebrities who "never seem to age", there has been a growing acceptance of early prejuvenation treatments.

In the mid 20's up to the early 30's, the ageing process has already started with a decrease in collagen and elastin, loss of facial volume in the cheek fat pads and the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation on the skin's surface.

These days, young women and men are embracing early intervention more and more, starting with some small cosmetic treatments to delay the onset of ageing and help preserve their youthful beauty.

My most popular prejuvenation procedures include injecting small amounts of dermal filler to treat the first signs of volume loss in the cheeks or lips (as opposed to the more well known procedures where larger amounts of filler are injected for more significant lip plumping, cheek, chin or jawline enhancement.)

Secondly, I can use anti-wrinkle injections to prevent the onset of crow's feet, frown lines and forehead lines. (Other uses for anti-wrinkle treatments include masseter injections to create a slimmer jawline and a heart-shaped face, non-surgical brow lifts or injections to treat a downturned mouth or neck lines.)

Thirdly, it is vital to care for our skin that can suffer badly in our harsh Australian climate. This involves using skin care products containing active ingredients such as Vitamin C serum (an antioxidant) and Retinol (vitamin A) which helps increase collagen and repair sun damage.

Finally, an essential part of any skin care regime in a climate like Australia's, should include a broad spectrum SPF 50+ sunscreen starting in childhood. 

If you need proof of what damage sun exposure can cause, just compare an adult Australian who was a child in the pre sunscreen days with their age equivalent match from the UK or northern Europe. We can suffer premature skin ageing and can look 10 years older... so don't forget to apply liberal amounts of sunscreen and to reapply regularly when exposed to the sun.

By getting in early and having PREejuvenation at MacRae Cosmedical, there will be less need for extensive and costly REjuvenation later on. We can slow down the ageing process for you!

Dr Lisa xx


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