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On Mother's Day, why not give your Mum a hand (or two)!

According to cosmetic physician, Dr Lisa MacRae, "a lot of her patients place great importance on rejuvenating their faces and protecting them from the sun. However, when it comes to their hands, these often get overlooked resulting in aged, sun damaged hands that are a sure give away of the person's age."

What happens to our hands as we age?

Dr MacRae explains that as we age, we have changes in skin texture including pigmentation, decreased elasticity and thinning of the skin due to lost collagen. This lost volume can make veins, tendons and bones more appear more prominent.

What can be done?

A dermal filler can be injected into the back of the hands to:

-plump them up for a more youthful effect

-reduce skin laxity and wrinkles

-minimise the appearance of underlying bones, tendons and veins

What is used?

The ideal filler for the hands adds both bulk and volume and is durable enough to withstand hand movements.

Dr MacRae's favourite filler for the back of hands is one that contains both a temporary filler (that immediately improves the appearance of your hands by adding volume) as well as another ingredient, 

calcium hydroxylapatite (which stimulates new collagen growth -neocollagenesis- over the following few months.)

Does it hurt?

Dr MacRae adds a local anaesthetic to this filler to minimise any discomfort as well as using a blunt tipped cannula instead of a needle, which is far less traumatic to the area. The whole hand can usually be injected through 2 small insertion points.

After the injections:

Immediately after injecting your hands, Dr MacRae gives them a firm massage to ensure smooth placement of you filler.

And of course, after all that, it is up to you to protect your beautiful new hands with an appropriate SPF sunscreen, especially whilst driving when your hands are held to the sun for prolonged periods of time.

Some people choose to wear hand protectors in the car also which can be purchased at Cancer Council shops.

How long does it last?

This filler can last  from 12-18 months but in some people it lasts even longer.

On Mother's Day, why not give your Mum a hand (or two)?

Dr MacRae is offering a special for Mother's Day with a 1.5 ml syringe of this collagen stimulating filler for $800 or 2 vials for $1500.

Gift vouchers available.

So why not pop in for this quick lunch time procedure that can take years off the look of your hands and give you beautiful hands to match your beautiful face. 

Phone: Double Bay (02) 93628044

              Gladesville  (02) 98165200


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