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A Key to Ageing Gracefully: Treating the Frown Lines

Have you  had people continually thinking you are angry when you are not?

Those unruly 'elevens' we see between our brows can cause us to look unapproachable and cross for no reason and the resulting furrowed brow can also make us look years older.

Frown lines appear over time as the skin on the forehead slowly loses its elastin and collagen, which causes skin to lose its firmness and ability spring back. In parts of the skin where movement is more exaggerated, we may see static (more permanent) lines forming. Think of a rubber band that loses its elasticity as it ages: at first it snaps right back into place , then over time, it loses its spring.

So what can we do?

Anti-wrinkle injections can work wonders to relax our Glabella frown muscles, smoothing the brow to help us look happy and more youthful and sometimes even giving a glamorous lift to a sagging brow. However, administering anti-wrinkle injections is not like following a recipe - one must assess each individual's face with detailed knowledge of the underlying muscles. Thankfully, Dr. Lisa MacRae has over 15 years' experience with anti-wrinkle injections.

Anti-wrinkle injections help block the message from the nerve to the muscle, preventing that muscle from contracting strongly until the treatment wears off.  Dr. MacRae selectively injects the small muscles associated with a particular movement (e.g. frowning) and these muscles are attached to the overlying skin. If the underlying muscle does not contract, the overlying skin will not either and wrinkles are softened or erased completely.

Dr Lisa MacRae's best tip?

Dr MacRae's best tip is to not wait until the line deepens... act now.

"You will get the best results from early intervention and prevention is better than cure!"

"Treating patients is not a one-size-fits-all approach," Dr Lisa MacRae tells us. "Some of my patients are concerned that once they have their frown lines treated, they won't be able to raise their eyebrows and will end up looking 'frozen.' That is where the administration of anti-wrinkle injections is both an art and a science. The doctor needs an artistic eye in order to tailor the treatment to each patient and the medical scientific background to ensure it is injected in the anatomically correct and safest place. With this knowledge, your doctor can ensure you retain your natural facial expression whilst reducing or erasing those frown lines."

By allowing individual facial expression from the surrounding untreated muscles your treating doctor can ensure a natural look and avoid a frozen appearance which can be seen in patients who are over treated. 

For all the above reasons, it is particularly important to chose a fully trained medical professional with years of experience like Dr MacRae.

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