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Lip Enhancement with Dr Lisa MacRae

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Dr Lisa MacRae ensures to take a refined approach to lip enhancing treatments, focusing on harmony and balance. Before looking younger, our goal is to look happier – this is where undetectable results become crucial.

Voluptuous is not always the answer; for some patients, a subtle approach can reap even bigger results. Often, the best results are seen through symmetry and proportion catered to the individual, which Dr Lisa MacRae provides. Defined boarders and Cupid’s bow provides a stronger illusion of naturally full lips than an over-filled pout.

When you meet with Dr Lisa MacRae, your in-depth consultation will look at your current appearance, your goals and appropriate results for your age. She understands that all enhancements require a custom plan, not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

In some cases, the smallest amount of filler applied to the lips can improve hydration, minimising the appearance of wrinkles to ensure they appear fuller and more youthful. This modest amount can actually create a big difference that works to reduce the overall signs of ageing.

Through gradual treatments rather than a dramatic change, Dr Lisa MacRae can help you to appear more youthful through subtle improvements and consistency – we aim to create a reaction of ‘Has she? Hasn’t she?’ with your friends and family. The key is the achieve results that are undetectable, you want to seem effortlessly enhanced.

Book a consultation with Dr Lisa MacRae to experience undetectable results.

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